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17/08/2016 IFAD Call   Scaling Up REmittances (SURE) https://www.ifad.org/en/what/operating_model/bid/tags/22877918 Within each objective, the Call addresses the following thematic areas: A.    Remittances as an instrument to financial inclusion Thematic area A1: Increasing access to remittance services in rural areas Thematic area A2: Promoting the use of adapted financial products linked to remittances B.    Promoting and mainstreaming migrant investments Thematic area B1: Financial investment mechanisms and instruments for migrants Thematic area B2: Migrant entrepreneurship in countries of origin. C.    Cross-cutting objectivesThematic area C: Open thematic area (Applications in this category may propose innovative approaches addressing cross-cutting issues or aiming at delivering public goods useful for all stakeholders)
30/06/2016 EC - DG EMPL Call VP/2016/001 Support for social dialogue http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=629&langId=en&callId=477&furtherCalls=yes Objectives of this call include measures and initiatives related to the adaptation of social dialogue to changes in employment and work related challenges, such as addressing modernisation of the labour market, job creation and job matching, quality of work, anticipation, preparation and management of change and restructuring, digitalisation of the economy and society, the greening of the economy, flexicurity, skills, (intra-EU) labour mobility, migration, youth employment, health and safety at work, modernisation of social protection systems, reconciliation of work and family life, gender equality, action in the field of anti-discrimination, active ageing, healthier and longer working lives, active inclusion and decent work.
16/09/2016 EC - DG EMPL Call VP/2016/012 EaSI-Progress - Call for proposals for operating grants open to EU-level NGO networks having signed a framework partnership agreement for 2014-2017 and being active in the area of social inclusion and poverty reduction or microfinance and social enterprise finance http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=629&langId=en&callId=495&furtherCalls=yes This call for proposals aims at providing operating grants for 2017 under the Framework Partnership Agreements (FPA) concluded for the period 2014-2017 to provide for long-term cooperation between the European Commission and EU-level NGO networks. The FPAs were signed at the end of the 2013 following the call for proposals VP/2013/006 for framework partners. They set out the framework conditions governing potential operating grants and encompass a quadrennial strategic action plan proposed by the EU-level NGO networks and accepted by the European Commission. FPAs were concluded with: − European level networks active in the promotion of social inclusion and poverty reduction, or − European level networks active in the promotion of access to finance (microfinance and social enterprise finance). Regarding the description of the policy context, the definition of priorities and potential specific agreements for operating grants, this call refers to these two groups of network separately.